Family Advocacy Outreach Network
Participating Agency Application

Please take a moment to read NCMEC’s Requirements and Procedures for participation in the Family Advocacy Outreach Network. You will be asked to agree to this information prior to submission of your application.

The Family Advocacy Outreach Network or FAON is designed as a referral network to provide sliding-fee scale or pro-bono therapeutic and support services to parents and legal guardians of missing and/or sexually exploited children.

Mental-health service providers are chosen through a selection process entailing the submission of an application and résumé to ensure FAON providers have the proper experience and credentials. Interested professionals who have experience in treating child victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and/or other forms of trauma can submit an application and résumé detailing their licensure and experiences in family trauma and crisis intervention.

NCMEC's Family Advocacy Division (FAD) reviews applications and résumés received.